The global energy transition won’t be possible without clean hydrogen.

Our special report reveals what you need to know. 

Highlights of the full report include:

  • Why clean hydrogen will be vital to to reduce carbon emissions in the power, transport, heating and industrial sectors
  • A comparison of the different methods (and costs) of producing hydrogen, including steam methane reforming (with and without carbon capture and storage), water electrolysis and methane pyrolysis.
  • A review of how much green hydrogen could actually be produced from renewable energy and whether off-grid green-hydrogen plants make sense.
  • A cost-focused deep dive into the different ways of storing and transporting hydrogen, including ammonia, LOHC and international shipping.
  • An examination of the policies that could drive economies of scale and huge cost reductions in green hydrogen, including the national hydrogen roadmaps in Japan and South Korea.
  • A look at the future of hydrogen cars and notable green-hydrogen and LOHC projects.

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